Find My Ampoule : Best Korean Ampoule by Skin Type (1) Soothing

Let's Find Soothing Ampoule Best !

This 24-min video by Director-Pi is so helpful to pick best ampoule and I've summarized the soothing part to text below. You may click the original youtube site and check it out or if you don't have time to view all of them, take a quick view here ! Either way, with my hope, should be useful. 

1. [ Papa Recipe ] Eggplant Clearing Ampoule 30ml 


The texture is quite thick and it doesn't absorb into the skin immediately. However, it feels like a moisturizing water ampoule.

The first ingredient is Eggplant Extract(73%). And it includes Asiatic Pennywort, Madecassoside which are well-known for soothing ingredient. In this case, they boost the effects of the eggplant extract. This ampoule minimized the number of surfactants and emulsifying agents

#Recommended for dry skin & dehydrated oily skin
#Moisturizing soothing ampoule 


2. [ Apeiu ] Madecassoside Ampoule 30ml 



This comes in a water-like texture but is is quite thick when you apply it onto your skin. It almost consists of one element. Asiatic Pennywort and Madecassoside. which is soothing ingredients. 

#Recommended for all skin type 
#Soothing ampoule 


3. [ Be Plain ] Cicaful Ampoule 30ml 

It includes Asiatic Pennywort, Chamomile Extract and Sodium hyaluronate which are great for soothing. It doesn't include aroma oil or fragrance, which means great for excessively sensitive skin. It also has minimal amount of ferment ingredients. 

#Oil and moisture balancing ampoule 
#Great for soothing redness and acne 
#Recommended for sensitive skin, dry skin, dehydrated oily skin 


4. [ Hey Nature ] Eosengcho Ampoule 30ml 

Eosengcho is an ingredient that is famous for its soothing effects. It has medium texture and it turns white when applied. It includes 5% of Eosengcho. 

#Recommended for dehydrated oily skin and oily skin 
#Lavender oil alert (for sensitive skin)


5. [ Real Barrier ] Aqua Soothing Ampoule 30ml 

This is hyalurinic acid ampoule. (low + medium molecules combined) 
It comes quite thick texture and included Panthenol, Asiatic pennywort, Madecassoside. 

#Recommended for dehydrated oily skin and oily skin


See you later ! :D

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