How to Use Korean Peeling Pad

We, Koreans are the nation of peeling. From ancient time we have used Italian Towel for peeling body and face. (I don't know why and from when we call Italian Towel but some say the fabric of scrubbing body and peeling skin is made in Italy.) 

 Italian Towel looks like this :D 

Anyway, Italian Towel now turn to "Peel Pads", one of the hottest and coolest K-beauty item in the world. 

How cute and compact it is !

peel pads

It's definitely an innovative product that will reduce the hassle of exfoliation but the thing to remember when peeling is that you're greedy and can't control your strength, or if you use it too often, the stratum corneum and moisturizing system will collapse.

The principle of the peeling pad is followed below. 

First, acidic ingredients such as AHAs and BHA dissolve dead skin cells. Please avoid using it in the morning. It can be irritating when exposed to ultraviolet rays or harmful environment when going out.

You can use Peeling Pad in the evening after washing your face. Please slightly wipe the face. If you have sensitive skin that easily blushes even on small irritations, you don't need to rub. You can just put the peeling pads on your face for about 5 seconds and take them off. The waste and old dead skin will melt.

The second principle is that the biomass containing biocellulose adsorbs keratin and physically pushes it. Before using the peeling pad, it is effective to use the skin's face with the skin towel. This can be used to remove dead skin cells with little friction. Physical peeling has less skin irritation than chemical peeling, but should be thoroughly washed after use. This is because there is a high probability that the viscera will get stuck between the pores.

Must know how it works and use it properly. Because your skin is precious. :D

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