How To Use 'Korean Wipe Toner' (aka. DacTo)

Why Toner

Today more and more people are using toner. Even men in Korea use toner. 
In this way, Koreans regard toner as important.
Here we are to share tips on how to use toner correctly.

What's the Purpose of Using Toner?

You may hear a lot of "DacTo" (abbreviation for Wiping Toner in Korean)
People in Korea are using toner to wipe their face. As the primary purpose of using toner is to wipe off sebum, waste and residue after cleansing the face.

Do I Have to Use Cotton Pad?


It is cotton pads when you use toner to wipe your face especially you want to clean the cleansing residues remaining after cleansing once again. That makes your skin cleaner. Wiping toner also removes unnecessary dead skin cells to make your skin smooth.

Which Toner Should I Choose?

When wiping off, it is recommended to use watery formulation toner that can be absorbed into cotton pad sufficiently. If you have sensitive skin, please check the ingredients carefully to avoid harmful ingredients. 

How To Use Toner (DacTo) Correctly?

It is simple to use wipe toner.
Soak the toner in the cotton pad and use it to gently wipe the skin outward from the nose. Too much force or pressure can irritate sensitive skin, so be careful.
Also it is more efficient to wipe the face 2~3 cotton pads(to right face and left face) rather than using one cotton pad for the entire face.

If you use the toner correctly and take care of it, your skin will turn to smooth and glow. If you are worried about wide pores and sebum, please keep using wipe toner. You will be able to keep your skin healthy.

Bye and see you soon! 

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