Toners by skin type_by Director Pi, a beauty youtuber

Hi ! 

For toner lovers, here I share the video of Director Pi. She is one of the popular beauty influencers in Korea. 

1.  Toner for wiping residue : Roundlab, Dokdo Toner 200ml

This product included sugar cane extract as the 7th ingredient. The good thing about Dokdo toner is that it has a minimum amount of ingredients. It is better to have a minimal amount of ingredients than having too much because when there are too many ingredients unnecessary solvents are added to mix them up. 


2. Toner for dry & oily skin : Likikos, Marine energy Calming Pure Water 320ml

There are only 12 ingredients. It includes panthenol and beta glucan, which are slightly expensive ingredients. These ingredients helps form membrances. Betaine, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, propanediol + panthenol= ingredients that help to moisturize the skin from inside. The overall ingredients are great by means of calming effects and there are no ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin. 


3. Toner for sensitive skin : Mamonde, Chamomile Pure Toner 250ml

This product is fit for people that have sensitive skin with pimple. Light, easy toners are good for people with sensitive skin. Don't look for functional ingredients. 


4. Toner for oily skin : Ure Skin, Eggplant Master All-in-One Toner 

The most important aspect is controlling sebum and removing dead skin cells. This product includes glycerin and butylene glycol as 2nd and 3rd ingredients. The 4th is zeolite, tea tree extract, Eggplant extract = has inflammatory and antibacterial effects and controls sebum for oily skin, acne skin. Since oily skin is sensitive to germs and bacteria, this can help enhance skin condition. 



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